Anselm Kiefer at the White Cube

Courtesy White Cube

You do not want to miss Anselm Kiefer’s Il Mistero delle Cattedrali at the White Cube on Bermondsey Street till February 26th. The sheer scale of the paintings with their densely worked surfaces and objects (bricks, scales…) and his epic sculptures in heavy materials – wings tattered and weary – are overwhelming. Oppressive. But it’s a good kind of heaviness, a weighty, uncompromising engagement with Germany’s past. It’s not easy work in any sense. (There’s a helpful text guide to his references which reminds you that Kiefer expects the act of looking to be supplemented by the act of  learning.) But it’s so rewarding.


2 thoughts on “Anselm Kiefer at the White Cube

  1. I was so pleased to find that you had drawn attention to this exhibition. and it’s such a shame it’s already over.

    I thought that the Tempelhof airport room was an incredibly moving experience. People could put away the leaflets and all that searching for all the supposed incomprehensible clever-clever links, and finally be free to respond to some very powerful work.

    I know your wonderful sister from the jazz world. I’m less close to what’s going on in the art world, please keep up the good work!!!

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